Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 38

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 38

Alparslan takes on several personalities and disguises himself with his troops. Emir believes the Turks who go to his house are privileged messengers from the Caliph. Alparslan says he wants to take out the rock as soon as possible, but Emir stops him. When the Emir sees the command letter he wrote the Caliph, he asks his guests to spend the night at his home. Emir states that Alparslan is a dangerous person and tries to secure his guests. One of the members of the committee from [Egypt] wakes up in the woods and begins to seek help. Suleiman gets worried when he hears Emir’s plan. Alparslan related that he planned to take the stone and hide it from the group that night.

Seferiye eliminates the commanders who showed up at Vaspurakan one by one and disputes their report of a possible mutiny. Oke is in this situation and orders Seferiye’s arrest. Batur and Erbaskan ask Oke to stay tranquil. Seferiye explains that she’s going to send the soldiers from Bukhara back home as soon as possible. A beggar approaches Yinal and asks him to go somewhere. Yinal assumes that this man is a traitor and goes where he leads. The priest decides to interrupt Yinal and tells him that the Lord is abreast of everything. Yinal realizes the priest is a spy working for the Turks and goes to the Lord to spare his life. Emir then visits a seer working in his mansion.

The seer tells Emir to be careful. Grigor realizes that Yinal’s deception produces an angry reaction from Yinal. Alexander decides they will have to kill Yinal. At the same time, Yinal comes up and confesses what he’s done. Alexander is unable to tolerate this any longer and stabs Yinal in the shoulder. Lord calls everyone to calm down and admires Yinal for what he can no longer change. Alparslan shows Emir the stone. Emir continues to look for treatment in a nearby forest. Alparslan persuades his pals and kisses the stone before leaving. While the seer joins the get-together, Alparslan explains to him who he is.

Alparslan claims that tomorrow he will acquire the key from Besasiri to the door. Many merchants go to the injured person and find shelter in the forest. A physician gives Emir a sheet of paper and asks him to place it in his heart. It so happens that Oke can’t put up with more and says that they have to kill soldiers from Bukhara. Given that Oke has been pondering extensively, Erbaskan concludes that Oke is very correct and leaves right away to execute the strive against the soldiers. Yusuf generally gets mad at his daughter for what she’s carried out and strikes her.

Seferiye informs her father that he has crossed the boundary and sets out to send the cops back into the forest. The physician keeps calling the man Emir. Emir learns of this event and starts to believe that this man is Alparslan. Emir begins to move in the direction of the hospital with his soldiers. Oke is starting to go against the soldiers at this time, so Seferiye arrives to stop him.
Seferiye claims to be the wife of Alparslan and gives orders to everybody. Alparslan’s soldiers sneak into the hospital and kidnap the man wounded in the attack. Emir discovers that Turks entered the hospital and starts looking for them. Lord reads the message Yusuf wrote and decided to go to Vaspurakan.
Oke states that Seferiye is a traitor. Meanwhile, Grigor arrives in town. Seferiye informs everyone that she will speak to the Almighty on her own, and takes everyone outside. Grigor is astounded to see Seferiye on the throne. The lord begins to inform everything and says that he helped Yusuf in the previous battle. Seferiye gets extraordinarily angry with him and says that she will kill him the next time around. Alparslan starts talking in the event he sits down to eat dinner with Emir later. Emir accepts Alparslan’s proposal and starts struggling alongside him.

Suleiman takes the key and goes into the room with Alpagut. Suleiman endeavours to unlock the chest, but it’s hard for him. When Alparslan sees Suleiman, he realizes that plan has been completed and suggests that also work with Emir no more. During a visit to the forest, the guards see corpses. The following morning, Lord comes into the palace and says he owes the Sultan. Emir unlocks the door of the room and announces his new objective, to go to Egypt to take Caliph’s praise. Lord knows that whereas Yinal is trying to get rid of Alparslan, he will release him at any moment. The Sultan does not approve of what Lord says and asserts that he won’t release Vaspurakan. Lord tells that he will not murder Yinal but he will begin supporting him. Before exiting the mansion, Emi came to know about the dead body of the man that was founded by a guard in the forest, but he does not care about this condition.

Emir also wants to go to Egypt and wants to begin travelling to Egypt as well. Emir says the same thing again, and he and Alparslan begin their journey to Egypt. Lord goes back to Ani and says he will assist Yinal now. Caghri comes back to Vaspurakan. Oke assures that everything is now over from Baghdad and proceeds to report everything that happened there. Emir returns to Baghdad, where he’s forced to receive a message that he had been waiting for. Emir thinks for a moment and suspects Alparslan.

Emir is aware that these men are lying and begins a secret plan to kill one of them. Alparslan abruptly realizes that something is not right and implores his friends to be careful.
As soon as Yinal leaves the castle, he goes to the palace and begins talking with the Sultan. Tughrul at first discusses what the lord has brought about and then says they both trust Yinal a lot. Alparslan then realizes that Emir has trapped him and begins to run away. Tughrul instructs Yinal about his plan and asks that he include the rebels in his troop. Alparslan throws a rock over the edge of a cliff and attempts to dissuade Emir from meeting this end. Alparslan then throws the rock to the ground and smashes it. Emir is trying to figure out what’s going on, and Alparslan shoots him an arrow. Alparslan later meets with Vizier in a secluded place in the woods and gives him the amulet.

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