Can you put Earphones in with a Tragus Piercing?

Can you put Earphones in with a Tragus Piercing?

Headphones are an appealing strategy for listening to music, and a lot of people like to use them while playing sports or walking. But if you already have a tegument piercing, can you still listen to music with earphones? And If you choose to do so, which of them is best?

Earphones can be put in with a tragus piercing, but it is not recommended. Putting something in the ear can increase the chances of an infection. If you must use earphones, make sure to clean them regularly and keep them dry.

People have differing perspectives on this subject matter: some say it’s unwise to put headphones in with a tragus piercing, while others assert it’s fine as long as you choose properly constructed headphones. So who is the dearest one? Here, we’ll attempt to tell you.

Of course, you can use this technology. It is important, however, that you select appropriately fitting products that will not cause ear irritation or discomfort.

I have provided below a list of the best headphones and earphones for pierces with a tragus piercing. On top of that, I will provide information on the best hygiene practices to follow to keep your piercing infection-free.

How long before you can wear headphones with a tragus piercing?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone heals differently. However, most people find that they can wear headphones with a tragus piercing after about six weeks. It is important to wait until the piercing has healed completely before subjecting it to any kind of pressure or stress, such as wearing headphones.

Avoid wearing headphones if you have any pain or discomfort — it may still be healing from your tragus piercing. It’s best to stop your piercer or doctor if you think it has not healed enough from the most recent piercing for headphones.

How To Put On Headphones With A Tragus Piercing?

There are a few different ways to put on headphones with a tragus piercing. One way is to put the headphone wire over the top of your head and then down your back. Another way is to put the headphones around your neck and then put them over your head. You can also put them on like earmuffs, by folding the wire in half and putting it over your head so that the earpieces are sticking out of your ears.

Before proceeding to the next step, make certain to estimate the distance between your ears’ piercings.

Select a suitable style of headphone earphones based on a clip or a loop attached at one end.

The next step is to attach the low bits of this wing, such as the ridge on the tragus (the small triangle-shaped cartilage), to the microphone

How to take care of your piercing while using headphones?

Headphones are a great way to listen to music or take calls while on the go, but they can also be harmful to your pierced ears. Here are some tips for taking care of your piercing while using headphones:

  1. Keep the volume at a moderate level. Listening to music or talking on the phone at high volumes can cause damage to your ears and increase the risk of infection.
  2. Be sure to clean your piercing regularly. Cleaning your piercing with antibacterial soap and warm water can help reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Avoid wearing headphones for extended periods. Listen to music or take calls for short periods instead, so that your ears can rest and heal properly.

Use a 6mm bar

If you’re pierced, you need to wear a medium rather than a large or extra-large tragus. That will save you quite a lot of extra space in your ears. If there are headphones you are going to need to put into them, a smaller hole is best. The space is going to be much more open.

Use headphones

If you have a tragus piercing and can’t compromise on the size of your earring, if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience, simply swap out your earphones for headphones. Given the fact that private earbud paths cover the external portion of your ears rather than going inside your anatomy, you will miss out on the painful sensations that come with wearing earphones with piercings.

Keep your headphones clean

If your headphones are equipped with a tragus piercing, you must make sure that your ear piercing does not become infected or affected by your headphones. The main cause of infection is typically dirt and grime that transfers from your headphones into your piercing. This is why you should routinely cleanse your earphones to prevent germs from ever transferring onto them.

Give at least 4 weeks before you wear headphones/earphones

As I said above Tragus piercings typically take between two to six weeks to heal fully. For this reason, if you have recently had a piercing, you are advised to wait until at least four weeks before you insert any headphones or earbuds into your ears. It is because if you insert headphones into your ears before this period, your piercing will get infected and you will end up with a lot of pain.

Use light jewellery

Try wearing light earrings or necklaces if you tend to wear headphones or other listening devices more often. If necessary, position the use-with device properly so that it does not cause pain or prevent listening to traffic. This is why, when choosing jewellery, wear light surgical pieces for your tragus piercing so if wear headphones on your commute, you remain comfortable.


What are the best headphones and earphones to wear with a tragus piercing? It depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer in-ear headphones including earphones and earbuds because they fit and feel more comfortable than speakers, they don’t press too hard on the tragus.

Headphones mounted on the back of your head or your piercings may be more comfortable than over-the-ear headphones because they distribute the weight better. It is also possible to clip on hearing aids discreetly and separately.

Here I will list the top three best headphones that come with earphones, earbuds, and over-the-ear headphones so you can select one that best suits your circumstances.


BRAMTEK E8 MINI is often called the smallest true wireless headphone, making them the optimal choice for headphones if you have a tragus piercing. Because this piercing must be very small, the headphones from this manufacturer are perfect as they have minimal weight.

In addition to this, these headphones are also impressive at delivering good quality sound and bass. So if you can compromise on some of the comforts and want a device that is easy to use, consider how these headphones would serve you well.

AirPods Pro

The size of AirPods Pro headphones earns a lot of favorable reviews. You can discover they were manufactured with silicon which makes them very comfortable when we compare them to some of the other leading headphones available in the market.

And If you discuss the noise and sound quality given by AirPods Pro, you can’t find headphones set with this kind of level of comfort. Therefore, if you’re able to afford AirPods Pro and you want to secure your piercings safe, then AirPods Pro is one of the finest choices it is possible to investigate at this time.

Samsung buds

These headphones from Samsung are known for their particular plush seat thanks to memory foam pads stuffed in them. In addition to this, you also have a sturdier foundation and comfortability by way of connectors than other contenders like Jabra elite seven.


Can I wear AirPods after getting my ears pierced?

A lot of people who have been pierced with a tragus earring wonder if they’ve changed whether they can let in earphones. The answer is yes, you can let in earphones after getting pierced with a tragus earring, but there are a few things you should always remember. First, the earphones you have to wear must be comfortable and avoid having any pinched or crimped parts.

Second, it’s worthwhile to regularly clean your earphones to prevent infection. And last, be sure to consult with your piercer before using any earphones, just to be on the safe side.


The piercing in your ear tragus is cool and the latest Gen Z is doing it. However, it requires a great deal of care and common sense to keep it from getting infected. It’s best practice to wait around 6 weeks before putting any heavyweight jewellery or earplugs in it. It’s likewise advised not to wear a small stud as this can aggravate the gut piercing.


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