Do Apple Headphones Survive Washing Machines?

Do Apple Headphones Survive Washing Machines?

We like to fix our Apple products out of love or concern over how much they will cost us to get new devices. However, humans sometimes lose or forget our cell phones in the laundry or bathtub. Some devices withstand the spray of a washing machine and some do not. However, every model is in danger of getting damaged by water.

Apple headphones should be dried promptly and the use of a hairdryer should be employed to dry the water particles if you pat them down the first couple of times of the day. The chances of survival can be very low if you do not take them out quickly and give them enough time to remain damp.

The article tells you that in 2022, Apple product buyers can purchase waterproof headphones to protect their earphones. It mentions the steps you should take to protect your earphones, such as ensuring they are not damaged before fitting them in your headphone case.

What to do if AirPods Get washed/wet?

If you’re one of the millions who own a pair of AirPods, then you know they’re not cheap. It’s important to take proper care of them so that they last as long as possible. One thing you should never do is get them wet. If you accidentally do, there are a few things you can do to try and save them.

First Aid

As soon as you notice that Your AirPods are wet, you should blow off as much water as you can using a dry towel. Then, put them on a flat surface and lay a dry towel on top in a single layer. Or, you can simply turn on the lights in the location you’re utilizing the AirPods to allow sufficient warmth to evaporate any remaining moisture. Wait for a few hours then allow the AirPods to rest without any power to see if they’d dried out.

Use Rice

This whimsical trick might make your headphones double their performance: place a bowl of raw rice in the middle of them. The raw rice will block moisture from your device and allow you to enjoy all the tunes. Another possibility is to apply the same trick to your convenience phone as well.

Sign up for AppleCare

Apple care protects Apple clients from whatever they need. They can leverage Apple’s care and find immediate help in the event of technical support. Getting help with support issues is quite easy for those who sign up for Apple care.

Here’s what you should do to protect your account with Apple care.

Log in to the Settings menu on your Apple device.

Then head to General settings and then the About section of the device.

Then tap on AppleCare Coverage Available to verify if your phone is eligible for it.

If your phone is eligible for the program, follow the steps on the screen and you will be able to sign up for AppleCare.

Try Silica Gel

Silica gel is another substance you can use to absorb moisture from your earphones so the earphones can dry from the inside. You should place silica gel between your earphones and leave them for the remainder of the day to create a humidity vacuum that will wick all moisture from your device.

Is AirPods waterproof?

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not AirPods are waterproof. While they haven’t been officially tested for water resistance, there are a few things you can do to protect them from accidental water exposure.

The first thing you can do is make sure the charging case is properly sealed. If water does get into the case, it will ruin the battery and your AirPods won’t work. Second, make sure the ear tips are properly sealed in your ears. If any water gets inside, it could cause discomfort or infection.

Lastly, if you’re going to be near or around water, try to keep your AirPods in the charging case. This will help protect them from accidental exposure. Overall, AirPods aren’t officially waterproof, but there are a few things you can do to protect them from moisture damage.

Best Waterproof Headphones

When you’re looking for headphones that will keep up with your active lifestyle, you want to consider getting a pair of waterproof headphones. Waterproof headphones can be used during any activity, no matter how wet it gets. They’re perfect for use when swimming, running, or working out.

There are a few things to look for when purchasing waterproof headphones. First, make sure that the headphones have an IPX rating. This will let you know how protected the headphones are against water. Second, check to see if the headphones come with a warranty against water damage. This will ensure that if something does happen to your headphones while they’re wet, you’ll be able to get a replacement pair.

Despite not being waterproof, AirPods are far from being the end of a choice. Several alternatives can be found in the marketplace should you decide to use them as your daily driver.

For instance, the JBL UA True Wireless Flash X is the most suitable waterproof headphones you’ll locate if you are trying to find waterproof headphones in particular. JBL UAA True Wireless Flash X has an incredibly wide dynamic range of sound which will provide value to your listening experience. Because of the talk-through mode, you can use the JBL UA True Wireless Flash X headphones during your workout to hear ambient sound. However, the ability to block out external noise is not the best thing about this wireless headphone.

Tribit FlyBuds are extremely versatile in terms of their sound range. If you are an audio aficionado, you can tilt the default bass to boost your listening experience when listening to the music associated with EDM.

The Tribit FlyBuds can likewise withstand harsh weather conditions considering the affordable cost of the product. In this way, the product is an exceptionally good deal that you should certainly not pass up.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro headset has a surprisingly good calling quality with full noise, unlike any other headset you have ever owned. You can set your preferences to suit your needs.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro elite headset is similar in providing updates very quickly so you can recharge the headphones in just a few minutes. Adding to that, the headphones are waterproof and therefore very durable, so feel free to use them regardless of whether you’re on a modest budget.


My AirPods won’t work after going through the wash. What can I do?

I was really upset when I realized my AirPods wouldn’t work after going through the wash. I had just taken them out of the case to put them in my pocket, and then when I went to pull them out a few minutes later they were completely wet. I dried them off as best as I could and then tried to use them, but they just wouldn’t turn on. I googled “AirPods won’t work after washing” and found a lot of people with the same problem. Luckily, there is a solution: you have to dry them out for 24 hours.

I put mine in a bag of rice overnight and they worked perfectly the next day.

AirPods vs AirPods pro; which ones are waterproof?

Are you looking for AirPods that are waterproof? Apple has two different models of AirPods, the AirPods, and the AirPods Pro. The main difference between the two models is that the AirPods Pro is waterproof. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that you can use when you are swimming or in the rain, then you should purchase the AirPods Pro.

The AirPods Pro also has noise-cancellation capabilities, which is a feature that is not available on the regular AirPods. If you are someone who travels frequently and wants a pair of headphones that will cancel out background noise, then you should consider purchasing the AirPods Pro.

The regular AirPods are not waterproof and they do not have noise-cancellation capabilities.


The Apple headphones are expensive, and therefore take note of how you care for yourself. If you drop them on a hard surface, there is a 50% chance that they are saved if they can be handled properly and dried. As an alternative, you could buy a cheaper solution that is waterproof and does not break. As an example, AirPods by this brand have an audio engineer that looks after them directly.


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