Kurulus Osman Episode 108

Kurulus Osman Episode 108

Osman checks his wounded troops in the mine and sets out to look for a way out. Olof believes that Osman died in the blast and is delighted. Olof orders some of his troops to wait at the entrance of the mine for further protection. Osman wakes the wounded soldiers one at a time. Osman then tries to clear away rocks at the entrance to the mine but is unable to. Osman remembers the difficulties he had faced before and admits that this situation will pass away. Malhun understands that Osman is still not back and asks Bala to look for him.

Aladdin is very concerned about his father. Malhun then invites all the Beys, asking for Orhan’s presence, and tells him that Orhan is now in charge. Bala and Aladdin consent to Malhun’s proposal. Marta provides materials for the mansion.

Marta asks Malhun to wait and says she will talk to her following that. Kantakuzenos meets with Olof. Olof states that Osman died in the mine. Kantakuzenos is exuberant and discovers that Sarkis is a spy. Kantakuzenos warns Olof and says it’s time to attack Yenisehir. Malhun talks to her son before a meeting and asks him to be extra cautious. Orhan instructs Kumral to be careful, or he will manage everything himself. Kumral goes to the mine and helps clear away stones at the entrance. Bala follows the traces in the blood brooks in the forest with the soldiers and comes to the mine. Kumral immediately aids the hurt soldiers in leaving the mine. Bala locates Osman. Osman Approaches why the city is talking. Bala says that Orhan is the new bey and will be arranging a meeting soon.

Osman says that he’ll send a messenger to pass a message to Malhun and that he’ll plans to attack Marmaracik. Bala can’t comprehend her husband’s intentions. Osman suggests that Olof will attack the city with the whole army and that they will use this opportunity to seize the castle. Frigg says Malhun is becoming more and more frightened of what is happening in the house. Olof asks for Frigg to provide more information. Osman says he is going to take soldiers from there to attack the tribe. The Beys who go to the meeting are being very uncomfortable because of a small child being a chief. Orhan shows up at the affair just after a short time and asks Beys for details. Bayindir asks where Osman is. Orhan says that Osman’s work is a top secret. Bayindir understands the situation and calms the agitated Beys. After the meeting is over, Marta goes to speak to Bayindir and says that she wants to sell things to Marmaracik with him.

Marta is surprised by suggesting this agreement to Bayindir. Osman stops on the way to the tribe and speaks to his spies. The spies say that Olof has forced the troops of the castle in order to launch a big attack there. Osman tries to sneak up on the people of the tribe and then decides to advance toward them. Bayindir receives permission from Malhun to barter with Marmaracik. Aktemur says he wants to talk with Alceike and takes her to a street. Aktemur says he loves Alceike, but she objects to this. Alceike says she doesn’t love Aktemur.

Bayindir hears everything that is said on the street. Osman thinks about the decisions he made earlier that night in the tent and is filled with hope. Abdal endeavours to assist the wounded troops. Cerkutay states that his ears still do not hear and start to eat the food that Ulgen prepares.

Frigg informs Kantakuzenos and Olof how to attack the city. Olof tells Frigg that more people are required to engage in this plan and that he plans to sneak soldiers into the city beforehand. Kantakuzenos likes this plan and decides to attack the city before the plan is carried out. Osman tells the soldiers the map he obtained from spies and shows them how to assault the castle. Malhun discusses secret business with Aktemur and listens to his defences. Aktemur says that he will put a lot of soldiers both inside and outside the town. Bayindir complains that Osman has been doing secretive trade and starts to provoke Bengi.

Calame calms Bayindir down. While Alcicek is thinking about Bengi, his mother arrives. Alcicek says his mother shouldn’t be concerned anymore. Bengi is aware that Alcicek loves Aktemur and gets very furious with her. Osman secretly goes back to his camp with the tribe soldiers the next morning. Aktemur claims his people are well and safe. Malhun attempts to learn what Marta is doing. Before Olof destroys the city, he gives a speech to his troops and urges them to kill the Turks. Kantakuzenos then goes to the mansion to speak with Malhun.

While Bayindir is preparing to travel to Marmaracik for business, Osman prevents him. Bayindir is amazed that Osman is alive. Osman tells Bayindir that they’ll travel to the castle using horse-drawn carriages. Bankal exclaims that she’ll target Osman and learn about his strange relationship.

The guards in Bayindir’s castle are planning to barge into his store, and Osman and the Turks there begin to assault them. Turgut goes to the dungeon of the castle in order to save his friend Osman. Osman engages the Byzantine leader, seizes him, and stays with him shortly after. Olof sees a pigeon coming from the castle and runs to learn about Osman’s assault.

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Olof changes his location and heads out for the castle to kill Osman. Turgut and Konur save Turahan. Bayindir proclaims himself the lord of the castle. Bengi will come to the mansion in the evening and says she is looking for Oktem.

Malhun claims that he does not know anything about him yet. Bengi continues to talk and brings up Oktem’s first wife. Malhun assures that things will be fine soon. Frigg brings her spies to the store and tells them about the attack plan. Kanzakuzenos is at the mansion and says he wants to talk with Malhun. Aisha goes to Marta’s store but sees no one there. Kantakuzenos asks where Osman is. Malhun points out that Osman has kidnapped Marmaracik and will stay there from here on out. Kantakuzenos is amazed. Osman requests that the captured Viking inform the commander exactly what has occurred. Olof’s aim is to attack the castle with his soldiers, but Osman sends them home before they can act.

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