Teskilat Season 3 Cast Full Details

Teskilat Season 3 Cast Full Details

The third season begins with the destruction of “The Company” after an operation carried out by the nameless heroes of the National Intelligence Organization, at the cost of their country’s lives. After the event, the terrorist activities of the foreign intelligence services against our country, which go back decades ago, begin. The attempt to create a satellite state under the control of the great powers begins on our borders.

After threats to our sovereignty, our team, made up of familiar and new faces within the Organization, is working to overcome this structure. The team’s goal is to prevent the creation of a planned terrorist state, expose the mind and forces behind it, and eliminate external enemies. In addition to all these actions, a change in the balance within the team and a new life means the beginning of a different period for all of them.


Deniz Baysal (Zehra):

Zehra, the brain of the team, is known for her intelligence and composure. Able to remain calm even in the most serious crises, Zehra is an intelligence officer who makes realistic and rational decisions.

She celebrates her day on April 5.

There is a collection of Turkish TV shows in which she works as a star, and guest star, and some others in which she had previously worked.

Famous Shows: 

  • SOZ

Murat Yildirim (Omer): 

An intelligent, smart, and patriotic member of MIT. In the case of Ömer, whose father died when he was a child, the greatest wound is the absence of a father he experienced. His mother, Seniha, fought tooth and nail to raise her two children in a neighbourhood in Samatya. After joining the Organization, Ömer has earned the organization’s trust through critical operations he has participated in over the years and demonstrated his maturity. He is a reckless intelligence officer who can produce unique solutions in times of crisis and does not hesitate to take risks with radical decisions. It is locally known as Atmaca.

Famous Works: 

  • Asi
  • Suskunlar
  • Ramo
  • Aziz
  • Teskilat

Gurkan Uygun(Efkar Baba):

He is someone who grew up with nationalist feelings from a very young age. When the war started in Bosnia, he rushed forward without thinking. He is a man respected and respected by the bakers of the area where Ömer lives today. Efkar does not hurt anyone and looks strong in his work, he has a dark past that he hides from everyone.

Famous Works:

  • Payitaht
  • buyuk Selcuklu
  • Mehmed
  • Teskilat 

Turgut Tuncalp(Halit Baskin)

One of the legendary names of intelligence. It was easy for him to enter the profession since intelligence agents were included in his family. His mind works fast. Practice. Therefore, he has a great ability to find solutions in difficult situations. After the loss, continue to work in the institution.

Famous Works:

  • Cukur
  • Teskilat

Levent Can(David Hartley):

Head of the CIA station. Contrary to his usual appearance, he is a complete psychopath. He has dark plans for Turkey and the Middle East. Although we know him as an American diplomat, his true intentions will be revealed in time.

Famous Works:

  • Vatanim Sensin
  • Teskilat
  • A.Riza

Serdar Yegin(Uzay)

A graduate of METU’s statistics department, Uzay has a brilliant mind and a Ph.D. from Yale. It is the staff analyst. It makes reading development more accurate when planning team operations and always plans one step when the team is underway.

Famous Work:

  • Teskilat

Yunus Emre Yildirimer(Korkut)

He is the little brother of the neighborhood. He adopted the motto that there is a cure for everyone’s problems. He is a childhood friend of Ömer and Halim from the neighborhood. He is also the brother of Zeynep, who marries Halim. Like Halim, he attended a military school and had to drop out because of his disability. He decided to continue his battle in the area where he lived because he was not a soldier as he imagined.

Famous works: 

  • Fatih HarbiyeEdho
  • Adi Sevgi
  • Teskilat

Ahmet Ugur Say(Gurcan)

Gürcan, the IT expert on the team, is a friendly personality. From computers to phones, there is no electronic device that Gürcan can’t hack.

Famous Works: 

  • Teskilat

Seren Deniz Yalcin(Helen)

A field agent, she works for David as an undercover reporter. She is a cruel, intelligent, and very beautiful woman. This is the common connecting point of terrorist organizations.

Famous Work: 

  • Tatli Intikani
  • Teskilat

Atilay Uluisik(Sermet)

He use to work in the institute as his right-hand man alongside Halit. After the martyrdom of the Serdar, storms break out.

Famous Works:


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