The Best Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs You Should Know

The Best Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs You Should Know

There are a lot of great custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S5, so it can be hard to decide which one to try. In this article, we’ll list some of the best Galaxy S5 custom ROMs and explain why you should consider using them.

If you are like most Android users, you probably want to install a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S5. And the best way to do that is with a custom recovery. There are tons of custom ROMs out there, and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. So in this article, we’re going to list the best Galaxy S5 custom ROMs, and why you should install them.

1) CyanogenMod 13: CyanogenMod is one of the oldest and most popular custom ROMs out there. It’s been around since 2009, and it still offers some of the best features available. CM13 is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, so it’s pretty up-to-date. Plus, it has a ton of useful features not found in other ROMs.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was first launched in February 2014, with its first firmware update coming the following year. Then it received its very own update in February coupled with the newest version of Android, 4.2.2 Kitkat. In this guide, we’ll give you information on what the best custom ROM is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 at this time.

Before proceeding to install the firmware update and loading it, give us an understanding of how ROMs, or system software, differ between CUSTOM and STOCK.

What is Android Stock ROM? | Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs

Android Stock ROM is the stock firmware provided by Google, which is used on devices that are sold through the official Play Store. The main benefit of using a Stock ROM is that it comes with the latest updates and security patches pre-installed, without any modifications or tweaks. Android Stock ROM is the basic firmware that comes pre-installed on most Android devices. It’s typically the default operating system that most users experience when they first purchase an Android device.

A custom ROM, on the other hand, is a customized version of Android which you can install onto your device if you want to change or customize its features. Android custom ROMs are a great way to get the most out of your Galaxy S5. They allow you to customize the look and feel of your device, as well as add features not available in the stock Android operating system. There are many different custom ROMs available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for a way to make your Galaxy S5 more personalized and fun, a custom ROM is the perfect solution.

For Example, if You want to install Android 11 on Your Samsung S5, however, Company is not Going to give an Android 11 Update for Samsung S5 Officially through OTA Update. Then S5 Custom ROMs are Your only choice. In another way, the iPhone is a popular product in the world today and Every user of the Samsung S5 might be willing to test out some S5 Custom ROMs.

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROMs are built by phone makers and developers to improve the user experience on devices that run stock Android. They can be found on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes. Custom ROMs allow users to customize the look and feel of their device and can include features not found in the official OS from Google or Samsung. While some ROMs require custom recovery such as TWRP to install, others are flashable through the regular Android menu.

The Custom ROM has been updated by the community and the app developers, who take care of resolving all the report-damaging bugs. Custom ROM also enables you to utilize the most recent form of Android program even in case the system offering isn’t accessible to your smartphone.

The Best Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs You Should Know

Looking for a way to spice up your Galaxy S5? Then check the best Galaxy S5 custom ROMs out there! These mods can add features, change the look and feel of your phone, and more. So whether you’re looking for a performance boost or want to change up your style, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorites:

Android 11

This year, there are a variety of Galaxy S5 custom ROMs that are available to download. These ROMs offer different features and changes to the device that can make it more user-friendly and customize it to your liking. Some popular Galaxy S5 custom ROMs include Lineage OS 14.1, Resurrection Remix 13.0.3, Paranoid Android 6.0, and AOSPA 5.9. The best part about these ROMs is that they are all free to download and install!

Well, Android 11, Google’s 11th iteration appearances are identical to that of Android 10. But there are a couple of new features and changes. The update brings notification history, Chat bubbles, Conversation notifications, also screen recorder, new media controls, smart device controls, one-time permission, and an improved dark theme. Along with scheduling, app suggestions,-module, you’ll also notice improvements in battery life, data analysis, security, and reliability.

Android 10 Q:

Despite the drop in battery life, Android 10 also has improved call quality, a Focus mode that is similar to the Do Not Disturb mode, etc. In addition, it has features similar to the Android 9 phone, such as built-in call screening, multi-camera API, smart replies in the notification panel, 5G support, and more. The latest Android 10 also offers a much longer battery life, new emojis that are not favorite favorites, and 65 new emojis in general.

Android 9.0 Pie:

Android 9.0 Pie is the ninth iteration of google’s Android OS, being a significant update to its predecessor, Android Oreo. Pie includes several design adjustments to the previous Android Oreo, one of the most notable of which is gesture-based navigation. Some other characteristics consist of a new Quick Settings UI design, refined volume control, and innovative battery growth.

Android 8.1 Oreo:

Android 8.1 Oreo is an extension of its predecessor, Android 8.0 Oreo. More than just delivering the new features present in Android 8.0 Oreo, it also enhances its predecessor. While Oreo still follows the original Oreo n(d) and d(ies), it incorporates some of the faults that the author(s) noticed in Oreo n(d) and d(ies). Is this really because of the Android 8.1 Oreo, or does it increase these features?

Lineage OS:

LineageOS is a custom ROM built on top of Android 9 Pie. It is one of the best custom ROMs available, and it offers a great experience. It has many features that are not found in other custom ROMs, and it is very stable. It also has a great user interface that makes using the phone easy.

Lineage OS is the historical legacy of the well-known custom firmware known as CyanogenMod or CM. What is more, Cyanogen Inc. company has withdrawn the popular Android mod, Cyanogen Mod so many users were disappointed in the wake. Few considered CyanogenMod’s legacies would continue with a new Android mod, but everything remained uncertain at that point. It is amid this confusion that LOligo Project was born.

AOSPExtended ROM:

Extension ROM is based on the original AOSP source which is essentially a combination of a lot of cherry-picked commits from different projects that are based on AOSP. The developer of this result promises to add more features, often making them better for future improvements. Similar to any other custom ROM, AOSP Extended is developed to provide the user with more stability and lag-free execution.

Liquid Remix ROM:

The Rescue OpenMRS is an open-source one that is built from scratch and offers the integration of numerous features from some of the most popular ROMs out there.


The BlissRoms is a little selection coming from several other ROM selections which are obtainable around your Android surroundings. Besides this, it’s enhanced some additional qualities from the ROM too. It’s created using the stable variant of Android 10 (or Android Q), and the numerous attributes it comprises. Aside from that, you will not only get the Kasich ROM but also some other added benefits.

CrDroid ROM:

A crDroid script is intended to be mostly configured for additional improved performance and greatest reliability on your current device and at the same time make it possible for you to set up any of the features accessible today. We base this program on the Lineage OS! And we use custom kernels compatible with them!


DotOS is a simple acronym for Droid On Time Operating System. It was developed through a community and by team members Ganesh Varma and Kuber Sharma. Main ROM includes several new methods and features and also merged with a few of those from So glad you made this text.

Resurrection Remix ROMs:

Resurrection Remix is one of my favorite custom ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S5 when I started to know about customized ROMs. As a result of reliable and bug-free performance, this ROM supports many different gadgets as well, including the Samsung Galaxy S5. Resurrection ROM is based on both Android 11 and Android 12, too.

This ROM is specially made to suit the demands of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which provides users with an experience in which they’re not faced with fatal glitches. The update is frequently processed, which helps ensure that the item remains a satisfactory option for consumers.

Whenever Google will release Android 12, then so will this ROM also start giving you Android 12 updates to Samsung Galaxy S5? This is a good choice regarding the Resurrection Remix ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 based on Android 11.


CarbonROM is extensible stock Android on Android-based Pixel phones, and its user interface is not limited to a stock Android interface. It focuses on pursuing innovative features, as well as maintaining the software up to date with regular security updates and support.

Bootleggers ROM:

Essentially an aftermarket ROM based on Ground Zero Open Source Project (GZOSP), bootleggers ROM brings the custom features you want along with the most useful applications on your cell phone. Along to make you feel like, the bootlegger’s ROM is also stuffed along with some custom wallpaper (“Dawn” wallpaper via fxckingdeathwish), ringtones, and.


OSiP stands for the full form of Android Open Source Illusion Project. It is a quality custom ROM based on Google AOSiP source since the 6.0 release as well. With the latest features and mixed with stability, we endeavor for perfection and it turns out. Now, you can enjoy the real Android Oreo with this ROM.


Well, the team behind the famous custom ROM called Tipsy, Tesla, and Validus have finally started a new project known as GZOSP. We know it as the Ground Zero Android Oreo repository as well. This is not just another custom ROM; the Ground Zero Android Oreo repository also helps you run custom ROMs.

Mokee OS:

It is a derivative of the open-source Android operating system. It was first developed by the crew of Chinese developers behind the Jellybean rollout. Mokee OS is China s first step into the open-source world of Android. The OS features a few new options which provided a breath of fresh air for those still on previous versions.


MIUI 12 is the latest version of MIUI ROM developed by Xiaomi. It is also utilized in smartphones as customizable software. It makes use of Android to offer users a fantastic variety of opportunities. It presents a variety of features, such as the capability to change the theme, customize the status bar, use Mi Launcher without an app drawer, and much more.

Havoc OS:

Havoc OS is a new Custom firmware that always runs on top of Lineage OS and is a custom ROM for Simple Linux Experience (SLE). It allows users to access a large number of new features. Among the offered features are a cell-wide Rounded UI, emblazoned Spectrum, much faster charging using Battery Teak, cosmetic changes to the Status bar, a much better OmniSwitch and ultra-thin multi-tasking, and so forth.


The Google Edition of the Android operating system is known as Android Ice Cold Project because it’s common on Desire HD. Over time, it evolved into a ROM and was transformed into the BEST open-source community you can find! Until 5.1 Lollipop, the ROM has always been AOKP-based. Unfortunately, because AOKP stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, they switched to Lineage OS.


CyanogenMod 14.0 or simply CM14.0 is an Android-based ROM, especially for many smartphones. CM14.0 is created by the programming group. It features a free and open third-party software package that is open source based on the public release of Android by Google.

Along with added original and third-party code, it is a rolling-release model. CM14.1 has a multitude of features such as Cyanogenmod Launcher, themes, notifications, lock screen, buttons, system profiles, status bar, and privacy, as well.


That was all, you guys! I hope you enjoyed this article about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs and find it helpful. Give us your thoughts and opinions concerning this article. Also, if you’re interested in finding additional answers to your questions or concerns about this topic, then let us know in the comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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